Hiking and Biking Trails

Photo by Monica Harris

There are nearly thirty miles of hiking and biking trails on Savannah NWR atop the dike system. All dikes are open from sunup to sunset unless specifically marked to accommodate maintenance or repairs or to avoid disruption of nesting activities.

Trails are readily accessible from the Laurel Hill Wildlife Drive and from the parking area just across SC 170 from the Drive's exit.

The trails are grass and dirt. Staff and volunteers attempt to keep all trails mowed for safe use. Bikers should use hybrid or mountain tires, not road tires on the trails.

Alligators, snakes, bobcats, fire ants and other potentially dangerous animals may be encountered on the trails. Their are no pets allowed on the trails (except for certified service dogs). Keep small children close at hand . Do not continue to approach wildlife on the trails if they do not give ground.

Summer temperatures near or above 100 degrees F and humidity in excess of 90% make these activities challenging. There is little shade and no potable water available on the trails, so come prepared. Spring, fall, and winter days are much more pleasant..

Trail Map