Junior Refuge Manager Booklets

The 4H students after earning their badges!

What is a Junior Refuge Manager?

The Junior Refuge Manager Program is a family-oriented activity book to grow the future of Refuge stewards. Kids use the books to explore and learn during their time on the Refuge. Upon completion, they are awarded official Junior Refuge Manager badges.

Cover of book targeted towards 5-8 year olds

How do I become a Junior Refuge Manager?

You can get physical copies of the JRM booklets at the Harris Neck National Wildlife Refuge contact station as you begin your journey on Wildlife Drive.

You can also click here to view the online version of the booklets and print them at home.

*when printing, make sure you choose double-sided with the "rotate side two" option for it to print correctly.

Cover of book targeted towards 9-12 year olds

Where do I pick up my badge?

Once you've completed the booklet, return to the visitor contact station to be awarded your badge.

If the contact station is closed, please email photos of your completed booklet to savannahcoastal@fws.gov