Laurel Hill Wildlife Drive

The Laurel Hill Wildlife Drive is a one-way 4.5 mile driving loop through the managed portion of the Refuge named for one of the rice plantations that once existed on the site. The drive is well-maintained gravel easily navigated by cars, vans, buses, motorcycles and by RV's no larger than a school bus.

An audio tour to accompany your drive is available at AM 1610.

The address is 3090 Alligator Alley, Hardeeville, SC, 29927. GPS coordinates are: 32.165917, -81.115533

The drive winds along the original dike system providing views into the impoundments on either side. Wildlife, including alligators, can be seen anywhere along the drive if you drive slowly and keep a sharp eye.

Please remember that a Refuge is not a zoo. The animals you see are wild and they come and go as they please. Refuge regulations prohibit feeding or otherwise harassing the wildlife and prohibit removing anything from the Refuge that you didn't bring in.

Speed limit on the Drive is 20 MPH, but you will want to drive more slowly to maximize your chances of viewing wildlife. You may pull off to the side of the Drive to get out to hike or take photos or just observe the surroundings where ever space permits to allow vehicles behind you to pass.

ALL PETS including service animals must stay inside your vehicle while on the Refuge for their safety and to minimize disturbance to wildlife.

Please take your trash with you and dispose of or recycle it after your visit. Help keep your Refuge clean!

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