Onslow Island

Onslow Island is a 130 acre spoils area adjacent to the Houlihan Bridge over the Savannah River on SC Hwy 170. A spoils area is land used to dump dredged material from the river to maintain an adequate depth for shipping.

Visitors can walk a 2.3 mile loop trail around an impoundment starting at the parking area.

Onslow recently underwent reengineering by the FWS and the US Army Corps of Engineers to make it a much more friendly habitat for birds of many varieties.

Because on the risk of disturbing nesting birds, this area of the refuge is open only on Wednesdays from sunrise to sunset. It is sometimes closed because of active dredging or because water levels have made it inhospitable for nesting birds.

If you plan to visit, be sure to call the Savannah Coastal Refuges Complex office at 843-784-9911 to check the status.

Coordinates: 32.165417, -81.151517