Rules and Regulations

Our refuges are a national treasures for all Americans. Please do your part to keep our refuges clean, beautiful, and a safe home for the wildlife that depends on them. These rules are taken directly from FWS documents.

The refuge is open during daylight hours only; overnight use and/or camping (including campfires) are not permitted.

Some areas may be closed seasonally to protect wildlife from human disturbance. Such areas are posted "Area Beyond This Sign Closed."

Feeding, capturing, or harassing wildlife is strictly prohibited unless authorized by permit.

Launching, landing, or disturbing of wildlife by aircraft (drones) on the refuge is prohibited.

Dogs, cats, and other pets are not permitted on the refuge unless confined inside a vehicle.

Picking or cutting vegetation is prohibited.

All of the refuge's archaeological and natural resources are protected. Artifact hunting/collecting is not allowed.

Automobiles must remain on the wildlife drive. Hikers and bicyclers are encouraged to stay on marked trails.

The refuge, unless otherwise posted, is open to hiking, biking, wildlife observation, interpretation, environmental education, and photography. It is also open, in certain areas and times of the year, to hunting and fishing; review refuge hunting and fishing regulations for details.